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The best way to prepare yourself when visiting French Polynesia is to make a strategy to add tourist attractions within your journey. The Tahiti town of Mahiawa may be a excellent spot to visit, but it does not count as among those tourist attractions within a Polynesian tour package. As such, if you are taking a French Polynesian tour package, it is important that you include a minumum of one stop in Mahiawa. There are a number of other locations that have historical importance to French Polynesia, and they could be included in your journey. By way of example, the city of Teguise is well known to the residents of French Polynesia and probably plays an important part in the trading and cultural existence of French Polynesia.

You could also find a variety of different reference materials that will help you understand French Polynesia more easily. An illustrated medical dictionary by Dr. George Benton, a British doctor and traveller, was accommodated to French and contains many entries not found in the English language. Similarly, a publication entitled"Polynesian Medical Dictionary" from Dr. Jamet Dehaudy is an superb selection for understanding Polynesian medical clinics. Additionally, Dr. Jean Baptiste Arobieffer, an anthropologist specialising in Egyptian culture and history, has written a superb book about French Polynesia, with an introduction, preface and detailed summary of the primary points.



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