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The main regulation of the Macao health code would be that the number of hours of health care workers are permitted to work. In certain municipalities, the same regulations apply to nuclear medicine specialists who are permitted to operate in one clinic for up to 3 times. Additionally, there are regulations concerning the type of health care provided in case the resident becomes ill or becomes contaminated with a communicable disease. In cases like this, the resident is required to be admitted into a local hospital prior to receiving treatment from a specialist. The resident then needs to have a unique identification label made from the title of the hospital in which the nurse knows the correct treatment process.

The Macao Health Code also stipulates the use of a personal hand-pans and bowls are strictly illegal, as it facilitates the spread of epidemics. In this regard, the residents are required to wash their hands daily with water containing chlorine, and they should thoroughly rinse their utensils with hot water. There are also specific rules concerning using the common hand-pans and bowls by kids and by domestic animals. Moreover, the quarantine wellbeing code program guarantees that the resident's hands, bedding, and any food or water that has been touched with a non-resident during his visit to the village or town, is sterilized with special disinfectants.



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