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The Portugal Health Declaration Form is the earliest of its kind in Europe. It aims to create awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourage general awareness about how to maintain it. If you are suffering from any health issue, and you believe that your illness requires medical attention, then you should contact your GP. A GP will refer you to an proper health professional for further treatment. This form was created by the Portuguese authorities as a way of giving great importance to the issue of health and encouraging people to take responsibility for their health.

Portugal has quite substantial levels of medical negligence and it's among the reasons why the government has felt the necessity to make this declaration. This type can be gathered from any GP's operations. Each of GPs now have a special phone number where patients may call at any health related questions. This is also a convenient way to report issues or complaints about medical services which might be happening in your area. You don't have to worry about displaying your private health details in public.



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