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The Bhutan Health Declaration Form can be collected from the Ministry of Health of Bhutan during your stay in the country. This form is vital as it serves to determine if a person is eligible to travel to Bhutan for medical treatment. Bhutan is known for its commitment to ensuring people have access to proper healthcare, which is evident by the fact that all residents are required by law to have access to at least a primary health care provider and two medical specialists. These professionals are called the Central Research Institute for Health and Social Development and Institute of Public Health. Both of these institutes receive funding from the Government of Bhutan.

The Bhutan health declaration form is basically a review form that collects basic information from visitors coming to the country for medical care. It includes both foreign and national patients who are coming to Bhutan for medical care. For foreigners, the document must be completed before they are allowed to leave the country and subsequently enter the country for medical care. For residents of Bhutan, the form is only needed when registering for any type of medical insurance or when applying for passports. It is mandatory for foreigners to present this form upon arrival in the country so that government officials can verify if they fulfill the necessary travel requirements. This form is also used to prevent fraudulent claims for medical care from gaining financial assistance.



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