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The Argentines have yet to receive a response from the UK. On the flip side, the Chinese government made public statements on its official site and in state websites that the islands belong to China and have always been part of its territory. President of China, Mr. Hu Jintao, said:"I heard the President of the United States of America state that he was profoundly disturbed by the Argentine announcement. China has its own claim to the islands and is not worried about any political situation there".

Last but not least, the European Union won't be moving forward on the problem because it considers the islands to be international waters. In the past, these territories were considered by Argentina as its exclusive economic zone. There is no doubt that both sides have strong points to make, however, history will reveal who had been right in the end. It's up to the political leaders of both nations to come to an arrangement and stand up to every other to resolve this historic dilemma once and for all.



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