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Finland Etias by Esi Jaakko Esi - Book Review


"Finnish Etias is a fast-paced thriller set in post-World War II Finland which follows the trials and tribulations of a group of young guys trying to make it in this turbulent, yet comparatively secure, environment. While Finland as a country might not look like an perfect spot to learn martial arts, '' the narrative of Etias, his friends, and the country's tumultuous instances are made more interesting with the inclusion of this exceptional tradition of Finland."

Why is this novel so great is that the writer, Esi Jaakko Esi. While I'm not a lot of martial arts fan, I have read a great deal of fiction and I really enjoy reading books with a martial arts theme. Just a little bit about myself; I started training when I was twelve years old since it seemed a lot of fun. I hadn't ever thought that martial arts could be that popular in the USA, but over time, I understood that a fantastic many people are beginning to get into them because of the movie"Rocky Balboa"The Karate Kid".

The publication begins with Etias being asked by a friend if he would teach a class. He says that he can do this and is quite excited. 1 day, he meets with his friend Mika (who later becomes the mother figure to one of Etias' buddies ), who is also interested in learning martial arts. After seeing her in action, Etias decides to help her learn martial arts to be a teacher. They go to train for 2 weeks with a teacher, who is a well-known expert. During their training, Mika gets in touch with her past boyfriend, Tom, who claims he's dying from cancer.

Mika informs Etias she understands he can save him and in doing this, they eventually become friends. But the next daythey find out that Tom has expired and they find that Tom was actually employed as an assassin.

Tom is dead and they discover that Tom is now a wanted man, since the assassin who killed him remains at large. They must search for a means to catch the assassin before things get worse. When they eventually catch him up, Etias and Mika have to work together to conserve the life of Tom's son, Tomiko. Though Tomiko may not understand what he did, Mika is convinced that Tom is innocent.

The book has quite a distinctive premise and plot that draws you to it and makes you care about what happens to Etias and Mika. I don't feel that most people who have not read a martial arts publication could enjoy this one as much. As I did, and ended up reading it in three days.


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